davidhpictures is owned operated by David Hungerford.  He is a cinematographer, photographer and writer. davidhpictures has been serving clients in Colorado and surrounding areas since 2016. During his stay at the University of Colorado Boulder, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production.

Contractors / Videographer Networks:
ByDesign Films

Toast Weddings


STAR Institute  -  Western Psychological Services  -  George Street Photo & Video

Integrated Listening Systems  -  DreamPad  -  Pro Photo Rental

Toast Weddings  -  By Design Films  -  Museebumba

Tenth Mountain Division  -  The Strange ParadeNa'an Stop

Boulder Comedy Show  -  Otis Taylor  -  The Savage Blush

The Jacks  -  Wu Mountain Tea  -  Veterans Helping Veterans Now


 Mike DiNatalie (The Wider Aperture)                        -                                       Brian Bitterfeld (Bitter Pictures)

Trent Stevens (Sea Wolf Collective)                        -                                       Amanda Plunkett (Artemis Gallery)

Shane Crosland (Byron Film)                            -                                       Alison Reid (nuerons_and_photons)